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Thread: Should make FORUMS visible on main page

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    Should make FORUMS visible on main page


    I've been a member for 5 years, and I am a huge fan of the site. I appreciate the wisdom of Bryan and Sean and I value and trust the excellent reviews as well as the user-friendly lens comparison tool that is unique in all the internet, and other resources. Sean was even nice enough to loan me a great set of lessons on speedlites.

    I wanted to suggest to the web design folks that somewhere in some site update a while back the FORUMS link disappeared from the main page, or at least the main page I am linked to from way way back. You don't see Forums on the main page and you have to know it is there and look for it in the kind of cryptic box marked by 3 horizontal lines. It seems like this could maybe keep some new visitors to the site from noticing it and joining the community.
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    Fully agree!

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