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Thread: Upgrading 5D 3 for weddings/Action Anyone use 5DIV & 1DXII

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    Minerve101 - Yes that was one major improvement in the 7D2 from the 7D. I tend to shoot M + Auto ISO, and use EC all the time. I have the 7D2's little lever that it supposed to change focus modes set to change the wheel to an EC dial, so it's always handy. It's one of those things I've come to just expect, and would be very annoyed if a new camera didn't support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prayharder View Post
    I was thinking about renting them, just not sure I want to shell out more money if I cant make the decision by doing research :-)
    If you rent from LensRentals and decide that you like it, you can click the "It's a Keeper" button and buy it outright. The buyout price takes into account your rental fee, the lack of return shipping needed, etc., and you know exactly which device you're buying.
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    If you shoot in artificial light, the flicker mode on the 1DX Mark II may be worth an upgrade from 1DX.
    Better viewfinder information and improved focus system in the 1DX Mark II is nice too.
    But in general, at least as long as you stay away from video, the differences between 1DX and 1DX Mark II aren't such that I would have upgraded, if it wasn't for the accident my 1DX had.

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