Thank you very, very much for the detailed and extremely helpful information!! I didn't come to any closer of a decision over the weekend but am still waiting to hear from them also regarding what they paid the last photographers they used and get details on whether that person provided the photos or thumb drive, props, background, etc. (new manager waiting to talk to old manager that used to handle it).

If I use my 17-50 mm, I would have to use my 7d II for it doesn't work on the 6d. I did ask if I would be able to set up and test lighting the day before and they were okay with that. The photos would be taken in the waiting room which would only provide for about 3 feet from backdrop to subjects. There is a long, high rectangle window at the ceiling from wall to wall but that would catch afternoon sunlight and this will be in the morning.

So, still waiting to hear back from them on price. My daughter (who would be my assistant once again) is swaying toward that we should leave this to the professional portrait photographers. Me, I'm still undecided since this is such a dream job!