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Thread: The Importance of Using The Proper Gear

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    I enjoy your photos, and hope you will find a way to continue.

    I own the SL2 to use at times when the full-frame gear is too heavy. It weighs 16 ounces. This is 3-4 ounces more than the small Canon mirrorless cameras, but still very light. It has a good crop sensor, equal to ( I think identical to) the well-respected 80D. It is thicker front-to-back, but if you need a lens adapter for the mirrorless, the sizes become very similar.

    It is compatible with any Canon EF or EF-S lens without need for any adapter. When I want the lightest rig, I attach the Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM. Sometimes I also carry the 50 mm 1.8 STM when I think there will be portrait shots of family members.

    I found it easier to grip than the mirrorless cameras. The Vari-angle screen helps to avoid the need to make awkward bends with your back or neck.

    The center focus point performs well; the others may struggle. Obviously there are many specific features that are better in the heavier, more expensive cameras, but most of those become important only for fast action.

    Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

    Danny Watson

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    Thank you, Kayaker and Danny. Seems like there are more options than I realized to maybe keep things going. I think I am going to go through my gear and see what to sell and then maybe see what comes up on Black Friday sales. Right now, I am wearing a brace on my right hand and wrist I found on Amazon to help with alleviating the pain and try to see if it can heal some on it's own before going to the doctor. I'm stubborn that way but from yesterday to today, the pain has really increased through the roof and doesn't stop! I can't do much of anything. So while I heal, I will sell gear and research. If I can continue to still photograph my flower gardens, my dogs and family and work with textures in photoshop I will be happy. Giving that up ...NOT an option!

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    Danny makes a great point. If you are packing wide/normal/short tele, the SL2 becomes much less expensive etc than swapping systems. I looked at this idea (and still do from time to time) and end up at the Olympus 4/3rds system (Panasonic is terrific but seems optimized for Vids that I just do that much of).

    The cost of swapping systems net to net is just so high. Using a sling style strap has made lugging the big stuff a lot easier.
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