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Thread: Camera Bodies

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    Upgrade path???? Mine was more of a trip stumble fall thud dislocation groan and then some oozing.

    T3i to 5d3 and now 1dx (that is for sale fyi) .

    Just yesterday i looked up what the mf43 price/conversion might be.

    I got the 1dx (used $3k and it still has barely 4k acuations) for a trip that didnt happen.

    I dont do low light sports etc. Kayaker thought i was a birder only because that is what is world class in my neighborhood.

    I have yet to print a 4th image. All my image consumption is on me 55" 10bit samsung 4k tv that is now my monitor. Soft proofing colors goes a long way to make 8 bit look like 10 but it doesnt quite get there.

    All of this to say that bulk of FF is more hinderance than IQ for my purposes.
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    5Ds R, maybe?

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    Where I go next is on my mind in the world of photography. I will keep my current body for astrophotography (6D), but would like to get a higher resolution body for landscapes, travel, etc. The 5DS(r) has been on my radar for some time now, as has the Sony A7r2 or 3. The IBIS would be a wonderful thing to have as I get older, as the cost of going to all IS lenses can be prohibitive.

    I also expect to pick up my 2nd Tilt Shift lens next year, so IBIS might be an advantage on handheld shots. I find though, that the cost of Sony lenses to be too expensive for a hobby, especially to switch. I am happy with my current lens selection, and I am fine with using an adapter on the Sony camera.

    I wish Canon would come out with a full frame mirrorless to compete with Sony (with a full size mount), but I suspect that would steal too much from the 5D series to make it happen any time soon.
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    I don't have an interest in mirrorless at this time. I'm happy with the 5D line. Only improvement that I can think of is a better codec for 4k.

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    My camera body has the same issue as my human body, unfortunately it's carrying too much weight.

    I'd love to slim down both, my camera kit is just way too heavy at this stage. I'm not getting any younger and it's starting to become an issue. To the point where I don't even do much photography just so I can avoid carrying round my camera gear.

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