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Thread: Lens filters & accessories

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    Lens filters & accessories

    Am just getting back into photography, after ~5 years.

    I've bought B+W filters from B&H, Adorama and a Chinese company that were selling same (as far as I can tell) for more than half the price. Thought they were called "Starmax" or "Maxstar" - something like that. Can't find them.

    Looking for a CPL and shopping around.

    Did they go out of biz or did I completely forget their name?

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    I've heard of a Solarmax? Not a starmax though

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    Never hear of a "Star max" company. I also do not see anything similar in reviews I've seen on CPLs.

    If you are coming back to photography, Breakthrough is a recent company. They are a bit expensive, but thus far, I really like their filters. All my filters are B+W, Breakthrough, Singh Ray, or Lee.

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