Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends ...and of course snagged some good Black Friday deals!

I need some help with suggestions on lens purchases that give the best bang for my buck.

Here is the latest update on my situation ...

I am still wearing a brace on my right wrist and hand. My lower back problems make it so I cannot stand for long periods of time at a stretch. 20 minutes and I start to feel the pain. And now get this, I went for a simple eye test a few weeks ago and my eye dr. is monitoring me closely. Apparently, I may be going blind in my right eye and if I do, he said I will most likely go blind shortly after in the left eye. The next 60 days will let us know more.

With that ...I am determined to shoot until I can't anymore!! Even if it is just of my dogs running around the yard and a few trips to the lake by my house. I refuse to put down the camera just yet!

So, I am still moving forward as planned (mentioned in a prior thread). I sold my 7d II, 6d and 150-600mm and picked up the 6d II bundle. The mirrorless (Fuji X-T2) camera is on hold until I get buyers for my Sigma 50-150mm OS and 17-50mm OS which I hope go soon since I can't use them anymore since they are crop only.

All I have left for lenses is my Lensbaby Velvet 56 (which I love), my 105mm macro and Sigma 85mm (non-art) which may go since it is kind of heavy.

I can only afford used or refurb's. since my cameras didn't sell for as much as I thought they would. I am thinking the Canon 35mm f2 IS and the 100mm f2. Any other suggestions for lightweight that are good? Anything from Sigma, Tamron or others that are sharp, fast focusing and give a nice background blur, I like shooting wide open. I know I'm asking for a miracle lens! I am hoping maybe to find something that is equal to my Sigma 17-50mm OS but for FF.

As I was typing this, I snagged the 100mm f2 on FM! YAY! Still need suggestions on other lenses though! I haven't been able to find the 35mm f2 IS yet on the used market.