Once again it is winter, when I typically take a moment to assess my kit. Last year, I evaluated everything and ended up deciding the primary areas of improvement were in my monitor and in finding a smaller camera that I would use more often than the M1.

For the monitor, ended up with the BenQ SW2700PT. Overall, I am very happy with the colors, higher pixel density and overall performance. It is a huge improvement and a great monitor. One thing I will say, while larger than the 24" screen it replaced, I probably would have preferred going to the 32" version.

For the smaller cameras, I decided to compare upgrading to the M3 over the M1 (the M6 was not yet announced) and also trying the G7XII (after comparing to the Sony RX100V). While I thought I would favor one over the other, I actually enjoy using both systems. The G7XII finds use more often as a second camera to travel along with the 5D system or to just go someplace where I want a small camera that fits in many pockets (still not an iPhone). But I've used the M3 system when I decide to leave the 5D home (so, it is my only camera with me) or for my wife when we are traveling together so she as an ILC to shoot with. There are IQ differences, but the G7X II's images are actually very good, not as deep, rich or as nuanced as its larger sensor siblings, but good enough that a couple of my favorite pics from 2017 were taken with it.

With all that said, what I used in 2017 based on an evaluation (Metadata in LR) of RAW files that I have kept.

Canon 5DIII 73%
Canon 5DIV 8%
M3 8%
G7xII 11%

I used my 5D system 81% of the time, down from 96% in 2016. The use of my M system was up 4x going from the M1 to M3. And the G7X II was new in 2017. Overall, each of these is useful and will be kept.

EF Lenses:
Lens 2017 2016
Sigma 14 Art (rental)
1% NA
EF 16-35 f/4 IS 10% 7%
EF 24-70 II 36% 38%
Sigma 50 Art 4% 2%
EF 70-200 f/2.8 II 11% 9%
EF 70-300 L 8% 8%
EF 100 mm L Macro 3% 1%
Sigma 150-600 Sport 27% 31%

Actually, pretty consistent year to year, which makes sense as I really didn't mix up my kit or my shooting style.

Not used in 2017: Rokinon 14 mm f/2.8 (ok, used once for 0.1%...not counting that), TSE 24 II, EF 40 f/2.8. As I mentioned last year, I tend to purge what I do not use, but I am keeping all these. The Rokinon is good and is my best lens if I want to run out and shoot a star scape. I just didn't do that in 2017. The 40 pancake is very inexpensive and would fill a need if I ever wanted the smallest version of my 5DIV. I didn't give my TSE 24 II a chance. For the second year in a row, I didn't even take it out. But I want too, so I am keeping it.

Lenses used on my M breakdown:

Lens 2017 2016
11-22 16% NA
18-55 49% 55%
22 0% 45%
28 macro 2% NA
55-200 15% NA
EF 70-300 L 18% 0%

In trying to get more out of my M system, not only did I upgrade to the M3, but I added 3 lenses to make it more useful. Not only do I like the IQ, and ergonomics of the M3 much more, the new lenses helped make it more useful by covering more focal lengths. The 11-22, while not my most used lens, is now my favorite. The 55-200 is "ok" to "pretty good" but the focal length is very useful and one of my favorite shots of 2017 was taken with it.

That is what I used. I am not sure if it is going to drive any additional purchases. Overall, I am pretty pleased with my kit. The last "holes" I see are fast primes (135 mm, etc) and a big white lens. Size and weight aside, I really love my 150-600S. The main issue I fight with it is light as it really needs to be shot at f/7.1-f/8 at 600 mm. So I can see a big white in my future, but I do not have that kind of money laying around.

So, we'll see, I do have some budget left, but might either save it, or use it on a photo excursion.