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Thread: Ultimate Supertelephoto for Travel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Busted Knuckles View Post
    I had a blast with it. Likewise need to more critically at the photos.

    Somewhat had the "why isn't google earth realtime moment" coming to grips thay the 1dx couldnt full spead autofocus with 2x tc on it.... f8.

    We get accustomed to tech advancing beyond our expectations and then get surprised that physics stilk apply and it wasn't that long ago what we take for granted didn't even exist
    Ha...yeah, ultimately these are just tools. Just working through the mystic of the "Big Whites".....there are limitations. Granted, they are amazing glass.

    And then there is the thing located about 6 inches behind the lens. I am playing with the 500 II right now. I was working on AFMA it and would have these blurry shots (hand held, similar to what I've done with the 150-600S in the past) making it tough to even see the focus plane. So, ok, I know it is better to use a tripod, but this HAS worked with my 150-600S and 5D...oh wait. I am using a 5DIV now. And I seem to recall all those references to needing better technique with higher MP bodies. That talk started with the Nikon D800/800E which were 36 MP. So I wondered if it applied to the 30 MP 5DIV, backed out away from 100% viewing and....there's the focus plane.

    Amazing, but the photographer is more often the limiting factor...not the gear.

    Quote Originally Posted by HDNitehawk View Post
    This is a shot right after I bought then 500mm II.
    The grass isn't to bad.
    20150117-CQ2A2535 by hdnitehawk01, on Flickr

    With the old 500mm it would have been worse, kind of like the rail shot you posted.
    This is the closest one to showing what I am talking about that I had on flicker,

    The tiny branches are close and are unpleasing to my eye. It is a separation issue, but the new 500mm handles it better.

    I will be curious about your perception of the 500mm. that a roadrunner? Great shot. I do not know if I've ever seen one.

    I'd put the 400 DO II between the MK 1 and 2 in terms of bokeh. Looks like it has a bit more of a challenge going into bright light, which is exactly what I read in some reviews

    Still forming my impression of the 500 II. Bokeh does seem smoother. Definitely bigger and heavier. I broke out my monopod that I have never used before. I can hand hold it, but pixel peeping the keeper rate wasn't great. Much better with the monopod. The images that have come in sharp are amazingly sharp.

    I think one of the important distinctions for travel telephotos are ones that you can handhold all day and those that you might occasionally handhold but you will likely use some sort of support. I had been thinking that I could hand hold the 500 II, as it is just a bit heavier than the 150-600S, which I handhold almost exclusively. But the weight distribution is different. So, my current thinking for super telephoto lenses:
    • Handholdable:
      • 400 DO II
      • 400 f/5.6
      • 100-400 II
      • 150-600C
      • 150-600S (on the big/heavy side)

    • Primarily used with support (occasional handholding)
      • 400 f/2.8 II
      • 500 f/4 II
      • 600 f/4 II

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    He is a Road Runner. That is an older shot.

    I have been neglecting my photography the last year for the greater good. I have a few hundred acres of land and a few years ago started working on a building that was to have a weekend living quarters built in. The wife got hold of it and turned it in to a full fledged house and I have moved out of the City to the land. When weather started getting colder the lady bugs swarmed the house and were trying to find a place to get in and winter. On multiple days the Road Runner would come to the house to eat Lady Bugs. It is my plan that he will be a regular subject soon.

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