One last bit.

So, this trip is a bit up in the air as a second wedding has since popped up, but originally I was supposed to head out to Idaho to see a nephew get married and then head to Yellowstone NP. We'll see what happens, but that prompted a desire for this kit:
  • 5DIV
  • EF 500 f/4 II
  • 16-35 f/4 IS
  • 24-70 II
  • 70-200 f/2.8 II
  • 100-400 II
  • 600 EX-RT
  • 1.4TC (under the 16-35 f/4 right now, not sure that will last, but it fits)
  • G7x II
  • Filters (77mm and 82 mm of CPLs, 6 stop, and 10 stop NDs)

There is also a spare battery, battery charger and the rain cover is under the 100-400 II all in a Firstlight 40L. Weight: 31.6 lbs.

The zippers actually close....

This actually took me some time to figure out, but there it is. Usually I can see deciding between the 70-200 f/2.8 II and the 100-400 II and going with a smaller flash.

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