I have a question regarding photos that I sell through Getty Images. Can a buyer buy my photo and then legally resell it online as their own work? I do not see in my agreement with Getty that buyers are able to do that.

In 2015, a well-known company bought one of my bird photos as a "Premium Access - Time Limited Purchase". I have recently found two places that the photo is being resold as prints by them through two other companies for much more per one copy than I even made off of it. They are also stating that the photo was taken by their company team member!

According to my contract with Getty, I am not able to contact the company myself and I am not getting anywhere with Getty regarding this. I do read in the contract that I would need to reimburse them any legal expenses if they pursue any copyright infringement cases.

Should I contact Amazon, one of the sites it is being sold on? Do you think I will get in legal trouble bringing it to their attention? Should I just drop it and let them continue to resell it?

Advice needed and much appreciated!