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Thread: Brant aka Kayaker ruined me.

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    Brant aka Kayaker ruined me.

    We went to Orlando Wetlands Park, then to Merritt Island bird refuge. I was using my tammy 150-600, then he let me use the 400 f4 DO II, then I put a 2x teleconverter on it. Dark overcast really challenging conditions.

    Well..... the AF is just really fast, even w/ the TC. The IQ is more than crazy good. I am sure he will be posting some higher res pics soon.

    800mm wide open (f8) hand held about a 1/3rd crop.

    Feb 4 10 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr
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    Perhaps getting together with other photographers should come with a warning “May induce Gear Acquisition Syndrome”, as, after getting over the fact we weren’t under machine gun fire, spent much of yesterday wishing I had the extra FPS you had going with the 1Dx.

    I still am not sure I have the 400 DO AFMA’d. I am getting pretty close. But f4 at 400 mm has a thin focus plane. I can appreciate the faster AF, the size weight, and the contrast to the images, but I think today I am getting the sharpness dialed in.

    A few shots from today (processed on my phone).

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