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Thread: CR3 and C-RAW

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    CR3 and C-RAW

    Canon recently introduced two new file formats: CR3, a new RAW format, and C-RAW which is a new type of compression. Bryan just provided the first assessment of C-RAW that I've seen:

    Overall, C-RAW seems to be saving ~40% of space with very little noticeable loss in resolution. I am impressed. I'd be curious if anyone else knows or sees additional descriptions/analysis of CR3 and C-RAW.

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    DPReview did some testing of the new file format, and their tests seem to confirm what we're seeing: C-RAW gives you a good amount of flexibility in editing while saving a decent amount of disk drive/hard drive space. Don't get me wrong, you will notice some degradation if you push the image significantly in post-processing. However, under most shooting conditions, you'll likely never be able to tell that C-RAW was used instead of RAW.

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