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Thread: Canon 6D vs 5D MKII

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    Canon 6D vs 5D MKII

    I currently own the 5D MKII and purchased a 6D. I don't have the 6D yet(should be here in a few days). Just wondering how these two compare. Any feedback from someone who owns or has owned both would be greatly appreciated. I'm hooked on Full Frame but I also own the 7D which I still love and use.


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    Iím interested in this as well. I have the 6D for recreational use, and love it. Was thinking about upgrading but canít find much that will beat its high ISO abilities (astro, poor lighting, indoor, no flash etc).

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    I haven't used either of them, but I remember this topic coming up before, when the 6D was new and a used 5DmkII was a similar price. The two are more similar than different. People suggested the 6D had a bit of an edge over the 5DmkII. The 6D has better high-ISO handling, and its AF works in slightly less light, has a slightly longer lasting battery, and a slightly better burst rate. On the other hand, the flash-sync is slightly lower, and the max shutter is 1/4000 instead of 1/8000.

    Depending on how deep you get into customizing things, you might run into limitations, as the 6D is the entry level full-frame, and is very likely to be lacking in customization options. In terms of image quality, I think you can expect a nice bump at high-ISO.

    Depending on your level of research, some surprises might be that the 6D has no built-in pop-up flash, and it uses SD cards. If you don't have an SD card now, go grab one so you'll be ready when it arrives.

    The big gap in the 6D feature set is if you need sports AF tracking, and you can use you 7D for those situations.
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    Wow...those are two fairly similar cameras. I've never shot either, but, like David, I remember the debate of which to get when the 6D came out and the 5DII was dropping in price.

    The 6D does benefit from a more recent sensor. One, that easily beats the 5DII and at high ISO, still outperforms even the 5DIV.

    So, you should get less shadow noise, if you have even observed this issue with the 5DII. Also, that center point AF point should be able to focus in much lower light (-3EV vs -0.5EV).

    But, I think you are about to be in the best place to let us know about the differences. Two classic cameras.

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    The 6D is a nice camera, I've been using mine for 5 years.

    Pros -- High ISO, ergonomics, good image quality, center autofocus point is very good even in low light
    Cons -- Autofocus w/outer points, some images tend to have too much yellow, frame rate is slow, no onboard flash


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