Want to have some fun? Try traveling with a wet apple juice box in your medical kit (I'm a type 1 diabetic). I typically carry a Gatorade/Powerade in my medical bag which is just fine for travel purposes according to the TSA, but while on a recent vacation to Hawaii, I drank my Gatorade and replaced it with a small juice box. Unfortunately, because the ice pack in the kit had sweated, the juice box was slightly damp. As such, TSA couldn't perform the usual wipe-test to check for explosive residue on the juice box, so they gave me the full pat-down procedure while very closely examining every part of my medical kit at 2 consecutive airports. I initially thought the first airport was simply being overzealous, but when the same thing happened at the following airport, I realized what was causing the issue. That's when I threw the stupid juice box away and bought another Gatorade.

As far as the photography equipment goes, I did take each of my camera bodies out of their respective camera bags and placed them in a bin by themselves. I may not have had to, but by my reading of the regulations, I thought it was best to avoid any issues.