Has the forum really declined to the point that there is not even one post about the new release?

It appears that with the release of the R and the 28-70mm F/2.0, Canon has outlined the path for the eventual movement from DSLR's to mirrorless.

"Initial testing within Canon has shown this new lens to produce better optical image quality and sharpness over similar focal length EF-series lenses, including the extremely popular and highly regarded EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM."

Those of us who look for the highest IQ will eventually be enticed to willfully migrate. I am sure that we see similar releases in the near future.

It also appears to me that Canon has set out to capture the Professional end of the spectrum with the release. Perhaps establish it's mirrorless with the Pro's and the consumer grade will fall in line.

For me though this isn't the body that will entice me.

The 600mm, losses 1.9 lbs and goes to 5 stops. This is huge. Will there be a sacrifice in build quality to loose the weight? That is the question I would ask.

Another question to answer, how well will the adaptor's work? Will there be IQ loss? Will there be penalties?