I'm wondering if there's a better way for me to handle my editing workflow. Here's what I do and why:

1-Cull photos in Canon DPP4
2-Color correct in Canon DPP4
3-Run Digital Lens Optimizer using the Lens Tool in Canon DPP. I find that this really brings out the details in my photographs.
4-Transfer photo to Photoshop
5-Go through my editing process, levels, etc. I will sometimes use actions to add certain things, etc.
6-Save as JPG
7-Save as PSD

Now, if I want to save those edits, I have to save as a PSD but those take up A LOT of space in addtion to my CR2 RAW files which I keep. I feel that Canon's software does an excellent job with color and sharpening so I always start there.

If I were to pull a RAW file directly into Photoshop and edit with ACR or editing in Lightroom, my edits are saved to a sidecare file which is fine unless I have extensive edits and still need to save to a PSD but I don't always need that. I feel that the native Adobe color grading is poor.