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Thread: Configuring 5DsR AF-ON button

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    Question Configuring 5DsR AF-ON button

    I have just managed to upgrade from a 5D mk1 to a 5DsR and am having an hard time to configure the AF-ON button in order to use that instead of the shutter half press.
    Could some kind soul please help and provide specific instructions on how to do it?

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    I was just setting up my own(5DS), so here it goes:

    Menu: "C.Fn3 : Others" (4th main-tab with a camera logo, 3rd sub-tab)
    4th line, which says something like Custom Controls (Aangepaste bediening in Dutch)
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    Dankt je wel Sheiky! Problem solved ...

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    Starting from the 7D (or so), Canon has gathered the button configurations into one menu page, to make things easier. No more weird combinations of setting functions to more than one button at the same time either, but one setup for each button.
    Of course, you have to realize that to make AF-ON do focusing, you don't have to set AF-ON to do that. It already does, by default. What you rather have to do is to remove focusing from the trigger button, so you do the setup for the shutter button, not the AF-ON button.

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