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    Eos r

    Other than the flip screen, this comment from Bryan's review is the most welcome development:

    "And, using a completely electronic shutter is another option. The EOS R has that feature, aptly named silent shutter, allowing it to capture images in complete silence."

    For wildlife this is a nice addition.

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    I have heard of some journalists and wedding photographers very interested in that feature as well.

    Other news of the day...Roger did the tear down.....

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    I'm excited for the Eos R - although there seems to be a couple short falls with the silent shutter at the moment- still only single shot- and not continuous focus.
    BUT it will probably be fixed in software.
    I've been doing weddings 3 years now, the silent mode on the Canon 5Diii is usually good enough. But I have 1/2 switched to Sony for the 100% silent mode.
    The Sony really is a great beast and with the adapter I can use my Canon lenses. -- But I still prefer the canon to adjust focus point and ergonomics.
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