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    2018 - What Was Used

    So, typically during the winter I look at what gear I used in the past year to help assess potential changes to my kit. This year, it is more out of curiosity as I feel pretty set with my gear.

    For cameras, below is based on photos I kept. If you look at shuttercount, I had 21,844 shutter actuations in 2018 on my 5DIV (not available for the others). Doing some quick math, I averaged a picture every 24 minutes in 2018. Including the M3 and G7XII, I kept 8,518 pictures and videos.

    As for the breakdown of what I kept:
    Cameras 2018 2017 2016
    5DIV 91% 8.3%
    5DIII sold 72.8% 96.4%
    M3 3.4% 8.1% 3.6%
    G7XII 5.6% 10.8% NA

    I bought the G7XII in February 2017 and the 5DIV in November 2017. Overall, I used my smaller cameras a bit less this year. In thinking about it, I would say I did less casual shooting with most of my shots coming from events or travel.

    The only change I could see here depends on Canon. I like the size/weight on the M3 and the IQ is pretty reasonable. But I would like faster AF (the M3 is good for relatively static subjects, not so much in keeping up with movement). I've been tempted by the M5/M6/M50. But I decided awhile ago to skip a generation, so I might be tempted by whatever new M series is released in 2019. Or not. This is not pressing.

    As for my primary body, I do not see making any changes any time soon. The 5DIV is great and very much suits my needs and habits. I shoot landscapes and wildlife and really enjoy both (I view it as nature photography). My most important images are probably family related and the 5DIV excels there. I've made large prints and like the way they look. Just a great all around camera.

    What could happen late this year is I've decided that I would like a second body. It isn't really needed this year as my vacations will be landscape oriented. But that is likely to change in 2020 where I am hoping to get a wildlife based trip in. There is a chance a new M might be so good it will fill that role, but I suspect I will want a second FF body so I can quickly move from a supertele to a wider angle shot. But, that will not be a factor until late this year at the earliest.

    The following is a breakdown of lenses used for the "kept" images on my 5DIV:
    Lens 2018 2017 2016
    14 mm (R or A) 0% 1% 0%
    EF 16-35 f/4 IS 7% 10% 7%
    EF 24-70 II 31% 36% 38%
    Sigma 50A 7% 4% 2%
    EF 70-200 II 9% 11% 9%
    EF 70-300 L 5% 8% 8%
    EF 100 L macro 0.4% 3% 1%
    EF 100-400 II 25%
    Sigma 150-600S 3% 27% 31%
    EF 500 f/4 II 11%
    MPE 65 1%
    TSE 24 II 0.1%

    Yet again, my 24-70 II was on my camera more than any other lens. Great lens, very versatile. I do not see that changing. Technically, it's percentage did tick down a bit, but I attribute that to all the evaluation of supertele's I did and the fact that I am trying to be more critical in my editing process.

    This was the year of the supertelephoto. I tested several and ultimately added the EF 500 f/4 II. This was an inheritance. No regrets, great lens. Then essentially sold the 5DIII and Sigma 1.4TC to pay for the 100-400 II. I had always had in the back of my mind that as soon as I had a camera that could AF at f/8 at more than the center point, I would pick up the 100-400 II. A lot of testing and it does look like I will be selling my 150-600S this year. When looking at actual focal lengths (not the reported 600 mm an 560 mm), the Sigma is ~8% "longer" but it is heavier and larger. There is still something I really love about how the Sigma paints an image. Great lens. But the 100-400 II does seem to be a close enough match, and the 500 II is on another level. I should also note, wildlife pics with me tend to skew "high". For whatever reason, I have a harder time deleting them and tend to take a lot. Landscape images, I have an easier time picking a favorite or two and deleting everything else.

    I also picked up the MPE 65. I borrowed John's (Neuro's) for a few shots, and was just amazed at what it could do. Then awhile later there was a 15% off refurbished lens sale and impulses being impulses it is now part of my kit.

    While I did not use it much, I did finally used the TSE 24 II and, as expected, liked it. It is staying in the kit. The Rokinon 14 mm was not used nor was I ever tempted to use it. Same with the 40 mm pancake (not even listed). But, unless I decide to pick up a replacement, which isn't likely, I'll just keep the Rokinon just in case. The 40 mm pancake is staying in my kit as well as I can see using it as a lens cap with benefits in the future.

    The lens I would love to add, the Sigma 135 f/1.8. While I want to shoot more portraits, I really do not have subjects and when I do, the 50A, 100L, and 70-200 II have it covered. So, I might get it, depending on how much I get for the Sigma 150-600S, but probably not. Then, if I was ever to get more into nightscapes, I could see something other than the Rokinon 14 f/2.8 (its a good lens, but faster are now available), but I do not see that happening.

    So, like I said, I do not see my kit changing much in 2019. I have a few "wants" but no real "needs." I likely will be parting with the 150-600S, but the money is just as likely to go into my account until I develop a real "need."

    A quick thanks to John (Neuro) for letting me borrow the EF 600 f/4 II and MPE 65.

    My M lenses used:

    Lens 2018 2017 2016
    EF-m 11-22 6% 16% NA
    EF-m 18-35 69% 49% 55%
    EF-m 22 8% 0% 45%
    EF-m 28 6% 2% NA
    EF-m 55-200 11% 15% NA

    In 2017, I used the 70-300L on the M3 18% of the time, was actually a very nice combo.

    I do not see any changes to the M kit. I know Canon released the EFm32 f/1.4. My usage of the M system would need to increase before I invest more. Part of that is just having more trips where I want a "system" but not my 5DIV. That could happen. Or, if Canon does release a new generation of M bodies that blow me away.

    So, that is it for 2018. Usually this post for me launches me off in a direction that I research for awhile to pass time over the winter. Not this year. I am feeling pretty set.

    Guess I'll have to take pictures of winter scenes or something... ;-)
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