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AF is faster and it tracks moving subjects better
3. no blackout shooting at high frame rates (up to 20 frames per sec)
Hi Joel,

I haven't come across this information. Do you know of some instances where people compared AF of the A9 against, say, a 1DX or D5? The general impressions I've heard is that the DSLRs were still faster, but these were from "youtubers" more that professional wildlife photographers. While this may not be the best example, the first youtube video I saw that opened my eyes to the A9 being up there with the others was by Michael the Maven:

From ~6 min to ~8::30 min, there are his "sports" tests. Take them for what you will, but the A9 % accuracy is lower, but due to the high burst, there were more keepers.

As for the shutter, my understanding is the there is no "blackout" but rather as the shutter is actuating that it holds a frozen frame, which can have a similar effect.

Another thing to consider, if comparing the A9 to these other cameras, but something is up with Sony's file size. It is almost DOUBLE that of Nikon/Canon:

Bryan's test about 1/3 down the page.