For years, I would occasionally go onto Youtube, check a few things out and be done with it. Starting in about October or November I started watching a few things with more regularity. Overall, I still get the sense that people are struggling for novel and interesting content. But, there is also a lot of really good stuff out there.

Of course, you have the gear centric Youtubers. Of course, I watch a video here or there, but I find them to be a bit hard to watch on a repeated basis. In terms of photocentric, I really like Thomas Heaton, Mads Peter Iverson and Adam Gibbs. They tend to be landscape photographers that are experience/location driven. I've enjoyed Jessica Kobeissi when she is out shooting, usually with 3-4 photographers and the same model, which, for me, the differences in final images from each photographer really illustrates creative vision.

But, I am also finding myself enjoying videos that, while tending to be travel driven (and I do like travel), are using video almost how I use photos, to document an experience. I am impressed with the quality of some of these videos. A few examples (and some of these are videographers, thus the quality):

Then, this morning I just watched two videos from a couple who each have their own channels. Again, interesting the creative take two people can have of the same experience: Johnny Harris and Iz Harris.

Anyways, I know I am getting old, but it is interesting to see how people, gulp, decades younger than me, use powerful imagery in a way that is, at least, new to me, and then combine it with other media. Another from Iz Harris.