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    Quick Question

    Im on vacation and forgot my camera so If a camera lies there on youre table for a few weeks without a battery inside or the SD card. Will the camera be fine? How long can the camera hold without a battery or SD card inside?

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    The camera should be fine. Just insert a battery (or charge the existing one) when you get back, insert a memory card and you'll be good to go.

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    Just for interest sake:

    What if I was gone for a 2 months would it still be fine? Because some old cameras people buy on ebay haven't been used for months but still work. Would it be the same with my Canon EOS 77D?

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    I believe the only concern is the internal battery. If or when it goes dead you lose your settings. Once you put a fresh battery back in the camera, the internal battery will recharge off of that. So generally worst case is you have to reset everything.
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