First off, Bryan posted the MTF chart for the RF 85 f/1.2 versus the EF 85 F1.2L II.

Now, Canon has modified they MTF charts and the EF 85 f1.2L II chart is different from the old chart that is still on Canon USA's website. So, still not sure what is going on there.

But, sometimes, I like to keep it simple...higher is better with MTF charts. And there is a lot of "higher" in the new RF 85 F1.2L. That is going to be a sharp lens.

Then Bryan or Sean had a news post that linked to this article on the RF 85 vs the RF 85 DS. Less light transmission only at wider apertures and look at that bokeh. I wonder if it is some sort of grid that minimize light coming from wider angles?

Very cool tech, it is nice to see some good gear coming out.

Of course, this made me think of when I might transition to the R system and if I would want the RF 85 DS. But that has already passed with the rapid conclusion of I am not transitioning anytime soon and I would want the DS, but I probably do not shoot enough portraits to justify its likely price tag.

Nice to see the "R" ecosystem is being populated with some great glass.