in the last period i'm less active on this forum (changed job, for the better) but i'm starting again (if the spring decides to arrive, is pretty cold this year) to go out for photography!

After 2.5 years of honorable service, i permuted 80D and my first camera, 60D for the newest 6D Mark II (i had the occasion of using a 6D for some events) and i'm really blasted by the quality overall. At the end, i dont need al the extras that a 5D Mark IV has, so i'm pretty happy with this one.

The MAF performance is pretty the same of the 80D (so is good), also if the points are all around the middle.

The ISO noise, with a good lens, is barely noticeable up until 6400\12800 - and even with that, the result is nice.

I wil start taking new pics, soooon!

PS: as ever, this website review was the one that moved me on the 6D Mark II