The background here is that I am replacing my "small/hiking" camera backpack. I have been using a Lowepro Flipside 400AW that I bought used off Ebay ~7 years ago. But it has become less comfortable over time, the sternum strap disappeared years ago and the third party strap I added is only ok (I should really sew it in place), the pulls on the zippers have failed/been repaired a couple of times now, it is generally looking frayed plus, as my kit has evolved, a large number of my lenses do not fit as very well, especially vertically.

So, after being pleased with the Mindshift Firstlight 40L that I bought as my "large" pack and several reviews, yesterday, I received the Mindshift Backlight 18L. Overall, nice bag. But I am having trouble getting over how thin the padding is. Looking at the product photos more closely, part of the problem is that it may be intended for small dslrs and mirrorless bodies, as that is what is shown in the pics. I am trying to load up my 5DIV with L-bracket. The edges are rigid, which I like and can see providing a level of protection. I can measure the internal dividers and they seem to be just shy of 1/4" thick, which is meh, but ok. But, the sidewalls/exterior seems to be about as thick. While I can not measure without ripping the bag apart or finding a caliper, I would say the sidewalls are also 1/4", maybe 3/8" thick. I would say they are very similar to my Think Tank mirrorless mover 25 or Think Tank digital holster in terms of thickness and noticeably less than my other three camera backpacks (Lowepro Flipside 400AW, Gura gear Kiboko 22L and the Mindshift Firstlight 40L). It is noticeable enough that my wife even commented that it didn't "look like much protection" as I was loading up my gear last night.

Of course, Mindshift is related to Think Tank. I believe they were started by the some of the same people and within the last year, it also seems that Mindshift has been moved from being independent (if it ever was) to a full on subsidiary to Think Tank.

So, any of you have experience with thin walled (~1/4" to 3/8") Think Tank bags or packs working fine for larger dslrs? Any general thoughts on camera bag padding thickness?