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Thread: New Canon Gear - Declining Interest for You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Throgmartin View Post
    Does anyone else find that their interest in new gear releases are greatly reduced?
    The technology interests me, but not enough to make me want to change camera systems. Even though the R came out in 2018, I opted to upgrade from my 80D to a 5D Mark IV for indoor sports in January. The 1DX is out of my price range and I've been pretty successful shooting high school volleyball with the 5DM4.

    Funny thing is, right after I made the purchase my desire for future upgrades dropped significantly. I find myself putting quite a bit of gear up for sale and trying to trim back my kit. Perhaps this is maturity in my photography journey.

    At the same time though, I was really disappointed that canon came out with a new lens mount. I'm concerned about the potential drop in value of EF gear too. Luckily I got a fair price for my 80D, but I can't seem to sell my 17-55 anywhere. I guess it's hard to get excited about new gear that doesn't work with my kit and also realizing that we are unlikely to see any significant equipment/improvements for EF cameras anymore. I'm also not faulting canon.

    I'm happy with that I have and there are a few lenses that I still want to round out my kit (EF 200 f/2, 300 f/2.8). Maybe this is a good thing as I'll spend less time drooling over my keyboard and more time using the equipment I've invested in. I still have an original 5D and use it occasionally. I guess that's my reminder that my equipment isn't going to just magically stop working tomorrow

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    I am getting comfortable w/ the next R camera from Canon if it is what is rumored and it will be my last. I have the 5d3 and 1dx1 (which was to be sold after a wildlife trip that didn't happen...)

    I really like having the cropability the 5DsR gave me when I rented it. I figure the tech is already beyond my capabilities and just want to get the "next step" - I also HATE the mirror after I tried the Sony. Will definitely sell/donate the 1dx and convert the 5d3 to infrared. Though Sean got me thinking about the UV - didn't think the sensor when that far up the frequency band, will have to explore it.

    Compared to say 10 years ago, the leaps and bounds of resolution, dynamic range, FPS, focusing in darkness, etc of the body and the reduction in cost of storage/processing. I don't think my brain can handle what would be similar leaps and bounds of capability.

    Would like Canon to hurry up and release it. .
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