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Thread: Sony A7R4

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    Sony A7R4

    It's totally beyond my needs and budget, but WOW what a spec sheet! 10 fps @ 61 MP with 15 stops of DR? We live in amazing times.

    I find 20 MP is rarely not enough if using an appropriate lens for the shot, but the pictures on my wall are 14" x 11" :-)


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    Sony does great with specs. But...I will say they have claimed 15 stops before...and that claim hasn't held up to testing, so let photons to photos and even DXOmark get ahold of it before it declare it truly a 15 stop camera.

    But, the 61 MP at 10 fps throughput is impressive. I haven't seen a caveat to it yet, but also haven't looked. Considering Sony files tend to be 2x their MP and pretty consistent across ISO settings where Canon MP is approximately equal to MB in file size at base iso and increases with increasing ISO. If the A7R4 continues this tradition, double file size, that is ~122 MB files x 10 fps = 1,220 MB/sec throughput.

    That is 2-3x what most other cameras do. It is impressive. Makes me wonder what an A9 II will be able to do with say 30 MP.

    So, when I started, it was Canon vs Nikon with some talk of Pentax and maybe Fuji. Now I think it is straight up Canon vs Sony vs Nikon with Fuji doing some interesting things in APS-C and medium format.

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