I just learned that I'll be visiting Colorado for four days, starting September 30, 2019. Wednesday and Thursday I'm attending a seminar in Broomfield (near Denver). As of this moment I have to book the hotel(s) and rent a car. I'm trying to decide where to stay, this will be my first time going "out west" on a solo trip. As such, there's no need for a pool, hot tub, shopping, antique stores, etc. Kind of unusual to not have to plan for the whole family.

Anyway, I'm hoping for suggestions on what area to stay and what area to find a few items that I'd love to photograph. I'd love to find a moose, a large male elk (I gather Elk "own" RMNP in the fall) and an perhaps an eagle or two. I'm also hoping to have a clear night or two to shoot the night sky.

As of this moment I'm leaning towards staying at a good old reliable Best Western in Winter Park (southwest of RMNP). Bringing most of the camera gear I own, possibly renting a second body and a super-telephoto. On the long end I own a 100-400II (and both extenders), for the night sky I own a Sigma 35 1.4 and a Canon 24-702.8. I'm considering renting a 500 or 600mm for the first time and perhaps a Sigma 14 1.8 for night skies if the budget allows.

I've been to Colorado once few years ago in January, basically a winter sports trip with the family, but we did visit RMNP for a few hours during a snowstorm.

I'm open to any suggestions. I'll have rental car and I'm not opposed to driving all over the countryside if necessary.

Thank you,