Bryan just posted the ISO charts for the Sony a7RIV. In his post, he referenced comparing diffraction at f/8 vs f/11. And, yeah, I can see it, mostly in the center, but it is so slight at 100% at 61MP, I have trouble thinking of an instance where I would pick f/8 over f/11 here.

Taking that a step further, you can start to see diffraction really set in. Here is a more extreme case of f/4 vs f/16. Ok...that is pretty noticeable. But I also try to think with 61 MP, get away from pixel peeping....f/16 is probably still a very good image and it would take some effort to notice it isn't as sharp as the f/4. Maybe something that has fine contrasty lines.

At least that is my thought. I haven't tested side by side, but I sometimes shoot some scenes f/16, even f/22 and do not ever recall regretting that decision. Of course, I am f/5.6-f/11 usually when I want the sharpest image.

Anyway, just something I thought was interesting. Have any of you ran into a circumstance where diffraction impacted an image?