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Thread: 2019 - Image of the Week: #49

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    Thanks! And thanks also for the detailed feedback. It's always useful to hear how your photos impact other people. With regards to the trees blocking the bridge, I guess I chose this spot exactly for that reason. I'm kind of a sucker for trees leaning over a river -- to me it's a cool framing element and in this case I thought that enough of the bridge was still showing to be okay. I believe there are some clearer viewpoints along the river closer to the bridge that would show the whole structure (and make it larger in the frame) so I could try that for comparison. Stay tuned -- you have given me some ideas and I appreciate that!

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    Congratulations Jonathan! Very deserving shot indeed.

    And thanks David for the detailed reasoning behind your choices. Interesting to hear someone else's take on the photos. Regarding my foreground being dark, I actually darkened some parts of it in post. The trees and small bridge along with some of the mist on the water was actually lit up by a passing car and I thought it looked too un-natural for my tastes so I darkened it considerably. Without the lone passing car though, all the foreground would have been pretty much black (just a hillside silhouette). This location (a campground) is VERY dark on a moonlit night and there is simply not enough ambient light to show on the trees, water or hills. As for the startrails on the water, I didn't darken those at all, but there was a mist on the water which inhibited the reflections somewhat. Appreciate the feedback though!


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    Congratulations Jonathan!

    David-Thanks for the consideration and you are correct, very different days.

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEccleston View Post
    You both selected nearly identical framing, and you both decided to block both the bridge and the flow of the river with the tree branch. As these are both typical focal points of a landscape image, I'm really curious what compelled you both to obscure them.
    At the time of the first day, when I got my shot, we briefly discussed how we both liked the curved tree overhanging the river as an interesting element. I do like how Jonathan positioned the tree ever so slightly lower relative to the bridge than I did. At the time I took mine, however, I was more fixated on the clouds as they were just dancing around the top of the peaks. So, I was more looking for an interesting composition where I could play with the clouds. Here I was trying to balance the river (Bow) against the mountains (side of Mt Rundle) but emphasize the clouds. The bridge was considered, but I was thinking it was more of a detail that one would pick up as they evaluated the entire frame rather than a primary focal point.

    Granted, what you describe with the flow of the river, bridge and mountains as a backdrop would be a more classic picture.

    Truth be told, I like the photo I submitted this week and think it is "nice" but I actually prefer the one I submitted week (#48) as it better frames the clouds dancing around the peaks. But I often put up pictures I think have merit as other people gravitate to and see scenes differently, and, I do like this weeks pic. So, appreciate the thoughts.

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