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Thread: Best and/or Favorite Images of 2019

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    Best and/or Favorite Images of 2019

    So, one of my favorite threads of the year. As I just mentioned in my last post, I think 2019 was a bit of an off year for me, at least in part because work was busy. Yet...there are a few images I managed to not delete

    A Osprey not necessarily liking having its picture taken:

    6S0A1629 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Svortuloft Lighthouse in Iceland

    6S0A2592 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Skogafoss in Iceland

    6S0A2779 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Inside the Blue Grotto in Capri

    IMG_2825 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Fireworks over Portsmouth, NH

    6S0A6190 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Marsh flowers, Danbury Bog, NH

    6S0A6626 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    High Mountain Humming Bird (Idaho)

    6S0A7647 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Fall Colors, Swift River, NH

    6S0A8881 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Boat House on Lake Louise (EDIT): Going to slip this one in as well:

    6S0A9370-Pano-3 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Ha Ling Peak, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

    6S0A9468 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Gamla Stan in Stockhom at Christmas:

    6S0A0197 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    6S0A0166 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Thanks for viewing....Brant
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    I enjoy this thread too each year and I encourage everyone to add to it!

    As usual most of my shooting was done on dedicated photography trips, with guides. Even though I live in an incredibly photogenic location, when I'm home I often prefer to go biking, hiking, or cross-country skiing! Then I get my photo "fix" with a week of intensive shooting on a trip, with a few buddies of mine.

    This year I went to Costa Rica, Alaska, and the Pantanal of Brazil. Here's a selection:

    Red-eyed tree frog, Costa Rica

    Keel-billed Toucan, Costa Rica:

    White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird (3-flash setup)

    Female Brown Bear, Alaska

    Female Brown Bear, Alaska

    Young bears play fighting, Alaska

    Female jaguar, Brazil:

    Black Skimmer, Brazil

    Male jaguar, Brazil

    Thanks for viewing, and best wishes for 2020 everyone!

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    You guys each had a really good year! Some really awesome shots here.

    I'm still working on processing my year...just finished August. Maybe when I'm finally done I'll see if there are any worth posting here!


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    In 2019 I was blessed to have 3 photo trips as well Family events and my back yard birds to photograph. We went to Old Car City in Georgia, Yellowstone Park and Haines Alaska to the Chilkat Eagle Preserve.

    "Old Car City"

    Osprey on Lake Marion in May (Was there to go fishing with my brother-in-law but couldn't resist the birds)

    Grand Daughter #2 was born in July and everything went beautifully......another wonderful blessing!!!

    Yellowstone in late August

    Haines Alaska in late October

    It's been a big year filled with many things to be thankful for. I had trouble figuring out my favorites (especially since we are limited to 12 images per post)... sorry for the long post. I wish the best for each of you in 2020!!
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    Great stuff Joel. Congratulations on the second granddaughter!

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    I'm a bit late for this one and 2019 wasn't by far my most prolific year, but still I thought I could contribute to this thread...

    In April I paid a little visit to Fribourg, one of the interesting medieval cities in Switzerland.

    Fribourg by Pierre, on Flickr

    Then, during the Summer, I didn't go hiking as often as I would have liked to, but I still was able to go to Salanfe, an alpine dam I really like.

    Salanfe by Pierre, on Flickr

    The week before, I visited another dam, Mauvoisin. We hiked around the lake on a very nice day before being followed by a little storm on our way back. When we got back on the dam, it was raining heavily behind us. I caught this view of the lake, with the impressive waterfall coming out of of the pipes built through the moutains to bring water from adjacent valleys to the reservoir.

    Mauvoisin by Pierre, on Flickr

    The last few pictures were all taken during a short vacation a few kilometers away from home, in the Swiss Alps. I already posted most of them on the forum I think.
    They were all taken with my M50, which I used more this year.
    The first one is a view of the valley of Zinal, with the Navisence river and larches.

    Navisence by Pierre, on Flickr

    Then a picture taken with the 85 f/1.8. I like it because the Besso isn't by far the most well-known moutain in the region, nor is it the highest, but it's still a very impressive one.

    Besso End of the day by Pierre, on Flickr

    And a last one, the most successful on Flickr, a view of the little lake of Arpitetta, with the Weisshorn (4505m) in the background.

    Arpitetta by Pierre, on Flickr

    Have a great 2020 everyone.

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