....that is one sexy beast.

As far as things we may see trickle down, I am really liking the optical sensor on the AF-on button to move focus points as well as the HEIF alternative to JPGs. From the side by side comparisons I have seen, HEIF is far superior. I would love to move off JPG.

The rest of it:
  • 16 fps with AF and mirror and 20 fps with live view
  • Close to 3,000 pics per battery charge
  • basically unlimited buffer for stills
  • Reportedly faster AF
  • "Deep learning" AF which will hopefully now surpass the reported advantage Nikon had in the last interation
  • CF express cards. Ok, I knew I would have to update cards someday, small with >1 GB/sec transfer speeds, these seem like a great next generation
  • Reported IQ enhancements (weaker low pass filter, increased DR/etc)
  • It just looks good

Hmmmmm.....I do not see anything in 2020 where I really need this, but 2021 may be another story.