Taking a week-long family trip to NYC mid-March. I'll be taking camera equipment, though it's not the main focus.


With all the tall buildings and narrow spaces (and even the narrow buildings... I'm looking at you, Flatiron), I'm thinking I want to be packing for normal to ultra-wide, but I'm also thinking some landmarks may best be shot from far away with a long telephoto... which narrows things down to bringing my whole kit.

I don't want to lug around my full kit though, so I'm thinking of dropping telephoto for the most part, and bringing one of two more reasonable light small-bag kits:

Kit 1
  • 7DmkII
  • EFS 10-18 (ultra-wide, ultra-light)
  • EF 24-70L f/4 (wide to slight tele)
  • Sigma EF 35 1.4 ART (normalish on a crop. Sharp and fast)
    • I might drop the 35 ART for the Canon 50 1.8, just to save on weight, since the 24-70L is pretty hefty too.


Kit 2:
  • 7DmkII
  • EFS 18-135
  • 35 ART
  • 85 1.8

Kit 1 gives me an ultra-wide to low-tele range, a fast normal (on 7D), all decently sharp.
Kit 2 loses some sharpness in the general lens, loses some wide. But, it gains some tele, and gives two fast options.

Can anyone with more NYC experience give their take on these two kits, or even suggest an alternate versatile and lightweight walkaround kit? I do have a 70-300L, and a 70-210 (lighter and less conspicuous, but less reach, slow focus), but I'm imagining I'll have far fewer uses for tele (some landmarks shot from a distance) than the other lenses I selected. Will I really regret not bringing a decently long tele?

What to do?!?

We'll be going to see a show on Broadway. Daughter is too young to get into a taping of Colbert, Late Show, or Fallon, but wants to go find something from Brooklyn 99. Wife really want to go see the Math Museum.

Other than obvious landmarks, and just wandering around and recognizing things from movies and TV, are there any under-appreciated gems you think we shouldn't miss? Or heck, there's so many famous things, do you have a favorite "You can't miss this" place or activity? Any of the museums that sound like a good idea, but aren't? Any that sound like they'd be dull but are amazing?

Thanks for any suggestions or advice!