Hi Everyone,

I have been using 2 Canon LP-E4N batteries for 6 years and they start to show their age. I want to get new batteries for my 1DX as I plan to continue to use it as long as I can. I want to get the new LP-E19 that the 1DX Mark II uses but my understanding is it cannot be charged with the old 1DX LC-E4N charger. Can someone with personal experience confirm this? The price for the new LC-E19 charger is $350. Brand new LP-E4N are still being sold on B&H but lithium ion cells have a shelf life and I donít know how long B&H has had these. I donít mind using aftermarket batteries as long as they can be charged with my LC-E4N charger and my 1DX can read it.

Thank you!