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  • clemmb "Treble"

    3 25.00%
  • Zach "Red Hot"

    3 25.00%
  • Joel Eade "Downy Woodpecker"

    2 16.67%
  • Jayson "Venus and Pleiades"

    1 8.33%
  • Minerve101 "Surprised"

    3 25.00%
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Thread: NOW VOTING--Assignment 2020-#1 "Around the House"

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    NOW VOTING--Assignment 2020-#1 "Around the House"

    Please select the winner from the following for Assignment 2020 #1: Around the House

    A description: We are asked to stay home. But that does not mean we cannot take pictures. Pick any subject: children, spouses, pets, boots, flowers, landscapes, the moon, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, etc. It just needs to have been taken
    at your house, property, apartment, tent, RV or whichever domicile you find yourself sheltering.

    The Finalists:

    clemmb "Tremble". I really liked both entries, but opted for this one as the warm tones and simplified yet focus subject gave me a peaceful and nostalgic feeling.

    Zach "Red Hot": This image caught my eye with several of the photographic elements such as the contrast and vibrant colors fitting the punch and power of the image's subject illustrating a story well.

    Joel Eade "Downy Woodpecker": So many great images, the great pose with the slight backlight is what caught my eye compared to the other images. Overall, well captured.

    Jayson "Venus and Pleiades": A tough choice between this and the "having fun..." shot. While both are creative, my first instincts went to "Venus and Pleiades," not only catching my eye as a great shot but also inspiring me to try some astro while at home myself. Well composed with some nice creative choices.

    Minerve101 "Surprised": Loved the use of negative space and the tiny snow flakes floating down which created a peaceful feel for me. I also ran out trying to capture the fresh snow on our spring flowers but none turned out as well as this. Nicely done!

    The poll will be open for 5 days. Good luck!
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