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Thread: Bird Public Service Announcement

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    I'm sorry, I'm not exactly on the subject, but your photos are just great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillW View Post
    Hey Brant...just saw this subject line.
    As Joel, I suspected water also.
    As you mentioned the "bubbler" I use (in the backyard) is perfect for the HBs; i.e. makes gurgling and splashing noises that HBs love and the water doesn't have any depth, just a gentle waterfall type movement.
    In the side yard, where all the seed and suet feeders are, I have a heated birdbath. It's plugged in for winter and unplugged for the warmer months. It's very popular w/all the birds and woodland creatures year round. I highly recommend it for those of us in colder climes.
    I'll be interested in hearing about your experience w/the solar powered bird bath accessory.
    Everybody stay safe and healthy
    Hey Bill...sorry I missed this. Do you have any details on your "bubbler"? I've seen the pictures, it is basically a rock that the water bubbles up and through? Is it electrical or solar powered? I would need solar.

    My set up is maybe working a bit. I've seen the grey catbird at the fountain, and some chickadees at the water feeder, but neither seem frequent. I have actually seen birds going back to the stump more often. So I might look for a better alternative.

    Quote Originally Posted by billfisher View Post
    I'm sorry, I'm not exactly on the subject, but your photos are just great!
    Thanks Bill, appreciate the comment...Good pics is the end goal. That, and giving me something to do while at home here.

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