I think most of you know I am spending most of my photographic time watching my feeder and woods immediately behind my bird feeder. Overall, it has been a lot of fun. It is interesting as you spot and watch things for awhile you start to see different things that you perhaps have not noticed for the years you have been living at the same house.

For instance, there is a small hole at the base of a tree. Over the past week, I started noticing this hole becoming very popular:

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About the time I saw some non-birds get in on the action...

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...I decided to investigate for myself...totally expecting to see a treasure trove of nuts or something like that.

But, what I have found made me realize that I need to modify my bird set up. What I found makes complete sense....


There was water in the bottom of the hole and as spring has been progressing I suspect other water sources are drying up. I have noticed over the years how I have abundant birds in the spring and they trail off as summer comes along, but always with a reasonable population.

So, I have decided to augment my bird set up with some water. I already have a bird bath in my front lawn, but my bird feeder is out back. Does anyone else provide their birds water? Anything that you recommend or prefer?