Like everyone else, trying to figure out exactly how to live in the time of a pandemic is a challenge. I have been working continuously from home as all work trips have been canceled and my wife and I have cancelled three different trips. But, considering, IMO, that this has the potential to go on until sometime in 2021, I wanted to see my family during the summer thinking that is likely better than holiday trips over the winter. My wife and I also wanted to go on at least one vacation this year.

So...we decided to combine my trip to Idaho to see family with a trip to the Tetons/Yellowstone in late July/early August hoping things would be "under control." We have 3 nights based out of Jackson Hole and 4 nights based out of West Yellowstone. This decision was made two weeks ago. I am not sure we would make the same decision today, but so far it is not bad enough for me to cancel the plans we made.

With that as the background and with the trip ~3 weeks away, I am starting to think about my kit. Knowing that the last time I was in Yellowstone was 20+ years ago and a couple on the forum have been more recent, I thought I would check in.

So, the questions get to be:
  • Bring the 500 mm? I am thinking yes. But this creates some obvious issues in that if I do, I likely also want to have a zoom telephoto and maybe a second body.
  • For a zoom telephoto, what do people think about the 70-200 f/2.8 II? The thought here is that it would be better for low light and getting subject separation. I am slowly transitioning my photographic mindset from "getting every shot" to "getting the best shots possible" and I am thinking the 100-400 II is more the former and the 70-200 II might be better for the latter mindset.
  • Do I need to rent or even buy a second body, other than M6 II? I have proven the M6II works with the 500 f/4 II, the main issue is consistent AF accuracy on fine details. On subjects larger than a small bird, it actually does pretty well. But, especially if I am wielding the 500 f/4 on one body, it will be nice to have a something on a second body.
  • Binoculars, any thoughts? My wife remembers on the last trip she vowed to have a spotting scope if we ever returned, so that is being discussed. But, I have a 10x pair of binoculars and a 15x pair.

Thanks in advance....Brant