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Thread: R5? R6? Anyone?

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    So I took the advice and I shot a wedding on Thursday and I'm sorry to say my AF inconsistencies in low light were not resolved.

    After trying two copies of this camera and especially comparing it to multiple 1-series bodies. I just can't get over it. I almost missed the most important shots of the wedding.

    It has AMAZING overall IQ! The lenses are unreal sharp. The colors, the vast amount of post processing it can take and not fall apart. It is so good in so many ways. But nearly missing the bride and groom kissing, it proved to me it is not a mission critical camera. It is addictive the IQ, but if you miss an important shot like that it's all for not.

    It also showed to me how import the reliability and consistency of the 1-series is. For professional shooting it makes a difference.

    So basically, if you love the R5 like my friend more power too you! It's still a very well rounded camera. But not it's for me.

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    Man need to RTFM again i think.

    Found that when face recognition focusing is on and it fixes on the wrong subject, I can mfn button to jump it back to the center. So aim at the target. Mfn button (twice) to kick it to the center and poof it is tracking the right target. This might be old news to everyone but me.... wrong target acquisition was a major frustration of mine with the body i rented
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