So I had the glorious opportunity to rent the 1DX III. But it got me thinking, do you guys think it will be the last of the 1-series? My hypothesis is it may get one more refresh before being discontinued depending on how long they let it live. But there are so many EF lenses that still make Canon money and will take some time to populate the RF mount before they completely abandon the EF mount.

Also another thought would be, do you think the will just keep both systems like the EF-s mount???? At least for a good long while?

Food for thought. Kinda a weird feeling because the 1DX III is such a stellar camera and the 1-series has been in production for two decades. Kinda weird they won't perpetuate it's legacy in the RF mount version of the 1-series.

Anyway, I just was thinking when the demise of the pro-DSLR will happen.