While I do love this annual thread too, it's always difficult to post in it when you have to come after the amazing contributions you guys put up every year.

It was definitely a special year for me too, as my wife gave birth to our first son. So it comes as no surprise that my photographic opportunities have been rather scarce and most of my favorite pictures of the year are family ones which I don't share on the internet.
Still, there are a few worth posting here I think. Surprisingly, I took far more pictures in 2020 than in 2019 or 2018, despite staying in a 30 kilometers radius during the whole year.

In April, we couldn't do much more than walk around our house, so my main subjects were flowers. I took a few pictures that I liked.

Afternoon Walk by Pierre, on Flickr

Around the house by Pierre, on Flickr

Flower by Pierre, on Flickr

In May, I spent two evenings in the mountains around my home to take a few pictures at sunset. Here are some of them.

A little cabin at the edge of the forest.

Just before sunset by Pierre, on Flickr

The Cime de l'Est, an iconic mountain of the region I live in.

Cime de l'Est by Pierre, on Flickr

While I was walking back to my car I saw this view of the Aiguille Verte, one of my favourite mountains.

Aiguille Verte by Pierre, on Flickr

A few minutes later...

Going back home by Pierre, on Flickr

The day before, the view I had on the Rhone Valley, looking towards Lausanne and the Geneva lake.

Rhone Valley by Pierre, on Flickr

After May, I only took pictures when walking with my family. Most of the time, I had a few seconds to take them.

On a pretty dull Summer day...

After the rain by Pierre, on Flickr

While taking advantage of a day off in December :

Rhone Valley by Pierre, on Flickr

On a walk with my mother-in-law :

December by Pierre, on Flickr

All but one of these pictures were taken with my M50, which I used a lot

Thanks for watching.