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Thread: 1DX III vs R5 AF

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    I have not had an issue with focusing on the stars. I would assume because of the contrast. Even my 1D III or T2i can do that.

    I will post a pic of what I was having a hard time. But it was taking a pic of my cat illuminated by the glow of the light in another room.

    The exposure was 1/320, 800,000 ISO f/1.4. It was very dark and obviously very little contrast to work with. The 1DX III had no issues and locked on every time but I couldn't get the live view focusing to lock on even once.

    Now this is a very extreme example, but probably not so extreme for someone like a photogernalist.

    But I am not knocking the AF of the R5, as I believe it has a different version of DPAF and it probably perform better with native RF glass than even EF glass.

    Not am I even knocking the live view AF. I view it as another option for focusing and will use it within it's limits. What surprises me is almost no one knows about this. Not even FroKnowsPhoto who did an excellent review on it made mention of the superior AF of PDAF.
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