well i need a little help fellers... right now it's freezing outside and it's going to get colder (down to 2įF or -16.67įC) with sleet, rain, wind and snow too.

anyway i wanna take this rare opportunity and get a few decent shots, i know some of you live where it's like this a lot, now i don't have any good areas near my house for scenic shots nor do i plan on driving anywhere much either, i just plan on walking around my home which is about 20 acres, it's mostly covered in cedar sadly, but no less i shall try!

i'll just be using my 40mm and my 55-250 lenses as my macro is still missing

any tips will be welcome!!!

here's a few sample shots of what the ice is like outside right now

From my backyard by Zach, on Flickr
Frozen by Zach, on Flickr
Gloomy Days Ahead by Zach, on Flickr