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Thread: Dji fpv

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    Dji fpv

    Check this out.... quite the leap in drone technology!

    Anybody here into using drones?

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    Ha....looks like a fun toy.....

    Not me...I keep thinking I'll get a drone eventually, but every time I start to get serious I start looking at the regulations and, at least as of the last time I looked, the potential for additional and changing regulations and I slide my credit card back into my wallet.

    I do have a Star Wars Tie Fighter drone.....

    Propel STAR WARS Tie Fighter Advanced X1 Review - [Unboxing, Inspection, Flight Test, Pros & Cons] - YouTube

    I kept crashing it.....It sits on a shelf now for everyone's protection.

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    I got myself a drone two years ago (DJI Mavic 2) that’s really fun to use.

    I mainly use it for stills while this new DJI FPV drone seems to be targeted mainly towards action video photography…this one’s not really for me.

    I checked the shutter count of my drone and I’m currently only at 700 exposures…after two years…that’s about what I shoot monthly with my regular DSLR. There are several reasons for that, but I believe the main reasons are that drone shooting requires more planning and it’s also limited by battery life. On the other hand the keeper rate is much greater with the drone shots – I’d say I have more than half of these 700 shots on my disk while my DSLR-shooting tends to generate more rubbish than keepers😉.

    When I first got the drone I was kind of worried I’d crash it as a beginner "pilot", but it’s ridiculously easy to fly. The flying itself is quite fun, and as a bonus it carries a tiny camera that provides surprisingly high-quality images.

    We had stricter Swedish (European) rules for drones this year, but for an amateur/hobbyist the only difference is really that an education certificate is required. Getting that certificate was quite easy and didn’t cost much (like 20 bucks). In short there are three things to keep in mind: Stay away from protected zones, don’t fly above crowds, and make sure you can see the drone up there. (This last rule may be difficult with the new VR-goggle based drone.) Of course there are many more rules but I’d say these are the most important.

    Those were just some of my thoughts on the subject – if anyone has questions about my experiences of drone shooting, feel free to ask.


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    I don't have a use for it, but it looks super cool.
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    looks neat! the closest i've gotten t ever using a drone was a little remote controlled heli i got in my teens, i pulled a lot of Brants and never tried again, that was 20$... i know this is not, never mind putting a DSLR on it, i'd like to someday but not anytime soon.
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