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Thread: Canon R3

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    Although 24 mp is good enough for most wildlife applications I think it's a primarily sports camera .... wait for the R1.

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    I think that excuse is fine for something like the R6, but at this price point, whether you need it or not, 24mp is a slap in the face after waiting for years for a big upgrade from the previous 1DX line of cameras. Even for sports more than just 24mp is would be useful. It's not 2008 anymore and sensor tech has improved so much it is not even funny.

    This is 2021, if a $6,000 flagship (And yes I consider it one at this price point) what will true high resolution flagship cost? 8k? 10k? But even then, will it just be 30mp?

    I dunno, Canon is forcing me away at this point. This kind of resolution for that kind of money is getting old. I sort of forgave the 1Dx III because we all thought that mirrorless was gonna wipe the floor. 1Dx II was still an older body and still was a big upgrade as a whole.

    Well looks like we simply got a 1DX III with 4 more MP and some cool features for $500 less.

    It really is disappointing.

    They better get the R1 right or I will just switch. I've shot Canon for so long. But they are just consistently WAY behind the curve. Even Nikon got this right with there new flagship.

    I dunno, I should probably end my rant. But needless to say I was beyond disappointed with the R3. And honestly, I was expecting it. I didn't really think Canon would do something like give us something with resolution. But I was holding my breath because it was a radical departure from previous generations of cameras. I guess I was wrong and now I don't really have any hope that Canon will ever release something in the 50mp range for a professional body.

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    Of course, up to you what you do. My first suggestion though, is, unless what you want is radically more than 24 MP, you may want to wait a bit to see how good those 24 MPs are (assuming that it really is 24 MP). But, I am impressed with the R5 in that there is additional clarity/contrast beyond mere pixel count.

    The easiest example is to compare the crop mode in the R5 (17 MP) to the M6 II (32 MP). In a way, this is not a fair comparison, as the M6II image is more highly processed using Topaz AI Sharpen, but as I am traveling (visiting family in Idaho) this is the best I can do at this time.

    So, 32 MP M6II sharpened with Topaz AI:
    IMG_3705-SAI by kayaker72, on Flickr

    From R5, I believe crop mode (17 MP), but same lens from same location, different cropping (to truly compare resolution, click through to flickr and zoom in) but 1 year later:
    537A0122 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    Is there a difference? Honestly, here I see a very slight difference in favor of the much higher MP count M6II. But that is also an 82MP FF equivalent vs 45 MP equivalent. In other images, I am preferring the R5, even though it has a lower pixel count.

    Second, the R3 is Canon's first BSI sensor. Faster readout, potentially less noise. I am very interested to see if we are finally about to see a jump in quantum efficiency from Canon, who have been in the 50-60% range for awhile. Are we about to see less readout noise and a 70-80% QE? That would be amazing at high ISO.

    So, each to their own. But I am plenty pleased with the 17 MP crop mode I get from the R5. That said, will the R3 fit my needs? I'll only be tempted if it suddenly opens doors for me that are currently closed, such as performance at much higher ISO. Even then, there are very very few doors closed when using the R5. But if you truly want high MP, the R3 may not be the camera for you. I would encourage you to look at the R5, however.
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