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    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Glass View Post
    Well I guess there is a new firmware that allows you to shoot 195fps in RAW on the R3.

    So my question is, for how long? I know it said between 2 and 50. So does that mean it can capture up to 50 frames like that?

    Either way I still am not quite sure how to process that and how I would find it useful. My first instinct is I rarely need more than 15 let alone 195!!!!! But I'm trying to keep an open mind but to me I really have to question how useful this is. Kinda like 800,000 ISO on a 1Dx III. I mean yeah it's there, but not super useful.

    Anyway, I kinda dismiss it. But what do you guys thing of it? Anyone with the R3 want to take a crack at it?
    Way ahead of you, I was already on it.

    50 shots taken at a single click at 195 fps. When I selected the 195 it said 1/2 second worth of photos. Shooting L + RAW writing to two cards I had about 4 second of buffer lag. When you touch it, there is no shutter noise it is just done. In a few minutes I will post a pic from my flicker account. I was shooting spot auto focus, eye detect , animal and tracking. I am in AF setting 4. The pictures are at 1/1000 and ISO 10,000 f/2.8 so not ideal. The AF didn't track in the 50 frames. First frame in focus last the dogs butt.

    Still 195 fps is insane.

    Look for yourself, follow the pic for the series.

    0K1A2196 by hdnitehawk01, on Flickr
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