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Thread: Wimberley Sidemount head on a monopod?

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    Wimberley Sidemount head on a monopod?

    I am considering using a gimbal head on a monopod, but was looking for something more flexible than the Wimberley MonoGimbal head. Does anyone have any experience about using a Sidemount Head on a monopod?
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    I've only used a regular tilt-mount clamp on a monopod with my 500 f/4, and it has worked quite well:

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    Hi Duppie,

    Is there a reason that you would want a side mount gimbal? People do all sorts of creative things.

    I almost never use my monopod, but I am just trying to think of using a gimbal on a monopod. I am not sure I would do that. Gimbals are great on a more sturdy tripod. My gimbal is a side-mount. But the primary advantages of a gimbal, at least to me, are more about when you are not actually shooting, you can take a step back, let go of your camera, rest and your camera stays in relatively the same place without falling over. With a monopod, its going to fall over. As for the smooth action you get in use, the monopod base rotates smoothly in the z-direction, so all you really need for smooth movement with a monopod while in use is a good tilt-mount for the x-y axis.

    Now, if you monopod is going to be fixed somehow and cannot rotate, or fall over, then I can see the benefit of a gimbal. I use a sidemount RRS gimbel:
    Gimbal Heads | Really Right Stuff

    Mine is a PG-1 that is sidemount. I know others have move to the FG-1 for the even smoother action that the fluid head provides.


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