I have yet to start evaluating this myself, but am wrapping my head around what I am going to test. But I am seeing again and again how Adobe products are not playing nicely with more recent Canon cameras. As a tangible example, Adobe has not developed camera profiles for recent Canon releases. In a video below, it is referenced that not since the R, but I can't even find the R camera profile on my computer. I see a profile for the 5DIV, G7X II, M6, 1Dx II, but not the M6 II, R5, R6, R, or 1Dx III.

The primary issues people seem to be having are noise and color accuracy. It seems that many photographers that focus on types of photography where skin tones are important have migrated toward Capture One. I have seen wildlife photographers start incorporating DXO PureRAW as an initial step and then edit those files. The issue does seem to be in the RAW converter.

If interested, a few videos with comparisons (and if concerned, I do not consider these to be "youtube personalities" but rather photographers with youtube channels): Will Goodlet, Glenn Bartley, and Cam Mackey, but there are other examples out there.

I am wondering if anyone else has played with this and found a work around in Lightroom? Personally, I am happy with my work flow in LR and am not all that interested in learning a new software. But, have I noticed a few issues, yes. I will rave about the R5, but do I sometimes notice unexpected noise in LR at ISO 800-2000? Yeah, I have...and I did open a couple of files in DPP and it wasn't there. Colors, maybe I've noticed a few things, but it is hard to argue with the side by side comparisons I see above.

Anyways, I am starting to evaluate this. It could be I introduce Photo Mechanic (to cull images) and then DXO PureRAW into my workflow (followed by LR). Or, I might switch up software.