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Thread: How is it?

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    How is it?

    How is it that all the long term, regular posters here all joined at the same time? Is that a side affect from when the site transitioned to the new format?

    Cuz most of you guys were here before me I know that, yet we all have 12/31/2008 join dates.

    it's been a while!
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    Yep. It started as an artifact of the site transition. I think there are even a few members that came in after the transition that are shown as Dec 2008. But it is mostly us that were members before the transition.

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    It was at the end of 2008 I bought my first digital body, a D50 which was billed as the transition body from the rebel series to Full Frame.
    It wasn't but a few months later that I bought a 5D II.
    I am not sure when I joined the forum but it was in that time frame.

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